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Book: Serious Nutrition: Incorporating Clinically Effective Nutrition Into Your Practice

A well referenced and researched book on various health issues and how food based nutrition and supplements made entiredly of food (as opposed to the commonly used synthetic supplements) can help people in modern society.

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Serious Nutrition: Incorporating Clinically Effective Nutrition Into Your Practice Kindle Edition by Robert Thiel, Bernard Rimland, Royal Lee and Steven William Fowkes (Kindle Edition - Jan 23, 2012) - Kindle eBook

Serious Nutrition Kit


A Few Testimonials

I will be 71 in October. I do not take any kind of prescriptions. I think I can outwork most people half my age. I was a true blue believer in SP products for many years, decades actually. Zypan may have saved my life and for sure altered my career choices. :) Then I discovered Doctors Research 100% food products and everything has been different since that day. I am living proof that good high quality nutrition, and Chiropractic care, is essential to living a full and healthy life. They said my Gall Bladder needed to come out and I needed to be on a liver transplant list 35 years ago. I still have them both today. Now IF we could only get our clients, I call them clients and not patients, to listen and understand. We could change the world. Thank you for being dedicated and caring enough to provide Doctors Research products. :) Sincerely, Dr Mike Cole Chiropractor and Nutritionist, Little River, South Carolina.

Knee not been hurting, I really like that Advanced Joint Complex.  It (knee) was in a lot of pain before.  Maria H. Ridgecrest, CA

My memory is better with Serious Brain Enhancer. Marsha T. Los Osos, CA

 These supplements really make me feel good.  Raquel C. Lemore, CA

B Stress Complex does not bother my stomach like the USP “B” formulas I’ve tried in the past.  Dr. S., MD, Fort Collins

Gluco-Sugar-Balance works - my sweet cravings are not nearly as bad.  Claire G. Santa Ynez, CA.

The Food Research vitamins are the best.  Dr. S., Bermuda

Many people have told me that they were pleased with Vitamin-Mineral who could not handle regular vitamins (USP). Dr. T, PhD. Arroyo Grande, CA

Viro-Chron opened up my stubbornly closed sinuses—that’s heaven.  It also helped relieve my chest tightness.  Mary J. Santa Maria, CA